How family members made Zari cut off Shakib for five years

• Shakib started speaking to Zari after he followed her call to her destination

Zari Hassan with Shakib Cham
Image: Instagram

Zari Hassan's husband Shakib Cham has admitted that he was eyeing on Zari for a long time before they actually started dating.

Admitting in his Youtube Channel, Shakib told his friends that he was a fun of Zari for a long time before he met her when she was driving in South Africa. He narrated that he followed her car to her destination.

"When I followed her for long, she was scared, walked straight to the security mall and came out, walked straight to the security guy but she saw I wasn't a threat. I reached her and told her I was a Ugandan, a fan and followed just to say hi."

He said he was not scared to approach her. 

The two later met at a birthday party where Zari was the guest of honour 'At the time, Zari wasn't with anybody. I was trying to get her attention through eye contact but then I didn't get it. She suddenly looked at me and made eye contact."

"I focused on looking at her because she was really a goddess."

Shakib said they went for an after party and that's when he decided to ask for a dance.

"I was supposed to leave at 10PM but I stayed until morning, she had many bouncers that were trying to stop me but she asked them not to."

Shakib said men at the party got jealous and tried to make him leave as he had shot his shot at Zari.

"The same day, I took her number and asked her to give me a chance."

He said he doesn't remember if he was in a relationship at the time or not. He said people were againt him because of the profile of men Zari had dated before him and that he did not fall under any.

"I wasn't doing bad but I wasn't at their status." 

He said family members also refused for them to be together and Zari had to cut her off before they got back together five years later at a party in Uganda.

"We've been loving each other and planning things together."

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