Shakib: 'My 1st car was a BMW in 2015, I've never taken a car from Zari'

• The handsome model has had to deal with persistent rumours that he's a kept man.

Shakib Cham
Image: Instagram

Shakib Cham Lutaaya, husband of socialite Zari Hassan, has revealed that he has never taken or been given a car by Zari for his personal use.

Despite many claiming that he is 'sponsored' by the wealthy mother of five, who resides with her businesses in South Africa, Shakib has opened up that he is also independently wealthy, as he owned his first car in 2015, even before he met Zari.

In a conversation about his life with entertainment journalists on his YouTube channel, Shakib said that he bought a BMW car in 2015 while in South Africa.

"People say I used to borrow cars, can you borrow a car and keep it for 10 years? Tell me one person who has done that. Let me tell you, I owned a BMW car. That was my first car in 2015. I don't know how much it is in Ugandan shillings, but in South Africa it was Rand 20k," Shakib said.

At the same time, the men's fashion entrepreneur denied claims that he receives cars to drive from Zari, stating that since 2015 he has owned many other luxury cars that he has even forgotten about.

"For me, when I see people boasting about cars, it's a small thing. Because when you work, everything becomes easy. You've been hearing about people I used to stay with, then you expect me to do what all that time?..."

"...for me, cars are very insignificant, I've owned so many cars, I don't even know how many, and I have never taken any car from Zari," he added.

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