How Vera Sidika's impressive hips affect her during long flights

• The socialite is currently in Canada where Vincent Mboya welcomed her.

Vera Sidika
Image: Instagram

Vera Sidika arrived in Canada on Friday, July 5, looking forward to partying with Kenyans and Tanzanian singer Rayvanny, as well as Ugandan artist Jose Chameleon.

However, Rayvanny did not perform as expected at the July 6 event. She was welcomed at the airport by Kenyan blogger Tom Mboya.

"I landed at night, went to the hotel, freshened up, and went straight to the venue. The event is tonight, so you can imagine, no rest.

Then in the morning, I'm flying to Vancouver for the next event," she said, noting that her jet lag was piling up. It was a 20-hour journey from Nairobi to Istanbul and then to Toronto.

During her flight, Vera showed fans her luxurious experience, including being served by a chef and the bed in her cabin.

She shared that she struggled with the plane seats due to her hips, saying,

"I actually struggle a lot with plane seats; my hips get compressed. Sleeping, I have to twist my body and sleep on the side, which is still very uncomfortable. But hey, it’s a plane. Y'all don’t expect a California king-size bed."

She also shared a video showcasing her enviable figure in a two-piece gym set. Another curious fan asked about her dimensions, "Is your waist 15 inches?"

She responded, "Lmao. Waist: 27 inches, Hips: 60 inches. Need to waist train a lot more and hit a 25-inch waist."

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