Anerlisa declares herself a woman of God after getting saved

• The Keroche heiress's moves closely mirrors that of fellow celeb Michelle Ntalami who also revealed details of her journey in May 2024.

Anerlisa Muigai courtesy instagram
Anerlisa Muigai courtesy instagram

Keroche Heiress Anerlisa Muigai is feeling transformed after getting saved. The beauty announced on Friday, July 5, that she is now saved.

She followed up with another announcement about her turnaround. Taking to her Instagram stories, the 34-year-old acknowledged her profound blessings in life, saying, "A new chapter of grace."

In a separate comment, Anerlisa also updated her followers about entering a new phase, sharing her thoughts with the simple words, "Woman of God," while posting a video from her car as she was being driven.

She was playing Kenyan singer Bridget Blue's song "Woman," which has meaningful lyrics that suggest she is on a mission:

"When God, he made me... he said I'm perfect With all my flaws, I'm worth it... there's nothing I'm lacking My vibe is golden... see I'm walking, I'm chosen So I say goodbye, to the stereotypes, yeah I'm walking high... so I pick myself up, head high All tall with my high heels... leave 'em blind Tongue tied, yeah I'm grinding and vibing Call all you want, I ain't turning Yeah, I'm on my way up, won't stop, I'm on a mission imma wake up Leave 'em blind Tongue tied, yeah I'm grinding and vibing Call all you want, I ain't turning."

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