Kenyan celebrities who have broken up in 2024

• They did not reveal the reason for the breakup.

• Some had dated for years while others had only dated for months.

2024 has been an interesting year.

While some found love others ended up breaking up.

Below are celebrities who have so far broken up in 2024.

1. Cera Imani and Khalif Kairo

Kairo recently confirmed their breakup was real. Kenyans took it as a clout-chasing stunt as the couple had only been together for months.

He noted that he never chases clout.

"It was real... you know me, I don't do that stuff. I don't do clout chasing. I've been in very many relationships, it's just that this one was very public," said the car deal while speaking with Dr. Ofweneke.

Khalif Kairo and Cera Imani

2.  Martina and Tileh Pacbro

The celebrity couple announced their breakup in a joint social media message.

The couple share a son.

"Our journey hasn’t come to an end and it never will as we will always remain to be a family and for that expect to see us together still, as we are not only PARENTS but also business partners." captioned Pacbro

"This has been a beautiful journey, there’s more to be happy for than sad and that will remain so forever," he concluded

Dancer Tileh Pacbro

3. Joana Kinuthia and Chris Kaiga

During a Q and A segment in July 2024, the make up artist revealed it has been almost a month since the couple broke up.

 The couple had been together since 2022.

Kaiga is a singer while Joana owns a beauty and makeup business.

Beauty mogul Joanna Kinuthia with her boyfriend recording and performing artist Chris Kaiga

4. Kagwe Mungai and Sharon Mwangi

Content creator Sharon Mwangi and Musician Kagwe Mungai have announced that they are parting ways.

"We won't be engaging in further discussions on this and we deeply appreciate your understanding and respect for our privacy. Thank you to everyone who supported, prayed and rooted for us," they announced through a joint social media post.

Kagwe Mungai and Sharon Mwangi
Image: Courtesy

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