Jackie Matubia- I am not a baby mama

•Jackie was in the past officially married to the father of her firstborn daughter.

Jackie Matubia

Salem Actress Jackie Matua has told off people who constantly refer to her as a baby mama.

According to her, she is a mother who takes care of her two daughters.

For those in the dark Jackie was in the past officially married to the father of her firstborn daughter.

The two parted ways but are still co-parenting.

She went on to date fellow actor Blessing Lungaho, the now ex-couple who got a baby girl.

The two went their separate ways in 2023.

Taking to her socials

‘I’m not a baby mama I take care of my child, I’m a mother and I wear it gracefully’’

Check out some of the comments below

sheebholic: Huyu nae anasinya as if yeye ndio single mother pekee kenya mzima ata sisi tulizalishwa na tumalea bila kupigia watu makelele nkt

mainman_eli: Kwani kuna baby mama mwenye ni father,kubali matokeo

muyokanyongesa: She's glowing 🔥 that's what happens when you finally put your happiness over everything.

marion_nasimiyu_Baby mama sounds brutal 😂😂😂 it's like baby making machine

odhiambobravix: Huyu naye na kutupigia kelele kila wakati si alee watoto pole pole huyu angekua kuku kike wenzake wangemfukuza.

pendoscott: Funny how Africans stole names from the Black American community and started using them carelessly without understanding the meaning!! Jacky was married to the fathers of her kids and one father is still present that make her single not single mother read to understand. Single mother ni wale no father in the picture completely na hiyo baby mama muachie waAmerica


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