How Gen Z harassed Fred Ombachi Machoka in the middle of the night

• Machokaa is the uncle to Nominated Senator Grace Orobwa.

• He is the founder of Fred's ranch.

Fred Obachi Machokaa
Image: Instagram

Legendary radio presenter Fred Ombachi has recently shared his experience of being harrassed by Gen Z.

The Roga Roga host says the Gen Z's would consistently call his phone and hang up before talking.

When they eventually did they told him to ask his niece to demand the release of Edgar Obare

Sharing his experience on Radio Maisha , he narrated

"Gen Z did not do me good.

Why are they molesting me?

I was watching a game at home when I heard a phone call.

Someone called me and then disconnected.

When I wanted to call back someone else called me. Before long I started receiving calls continuously with them being disconnected."

He said some of the callers were not polite.

"One received the  call and called me 'Umbwa wewe' 

Another called and said they wanted me to release Edgar.

I do not know anyone called Edgar. I asked them who Edgar is.

They told me to stop pretending I did not know that my 'niece' had allegedly kidnapped Edgar Obare."

Machokaa further stated he had to search online for who Edgar was, he also tried calling his niece to no avail.

"When I went to X, I saw someone had shared my mobile number saying I am the uncle of Nominated Senator Grace Orwoba.

I am indeed her uncle but it is also true I was against the Finance Bill 2024 and had openly stated that." he concluded.


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