Facts you didn't know about famous X user Amerix

• Amerix has over 1.7 million followers on Twitter.

Twitter User Amerix

If you are on the social media platform X then you must have heard the name Amerix.

He is a men advocate and does so without fear on his platform.

He has over the years garnered 1.7 million followers on X formerly known as Twitter.

Here are things you did not know about him.

Real name is Eric Amunga.

He is a Certified medical specialist in reproductive health.

Born and based in Bungoma.

Aged 37 as of 2024.

Is among the most influential people on X formerly known as Twitter with 1.7 million followers as of July 2024.

Is an Alumni of The Nairobi University.

Holds a Bachelor of science in community health. 

Helps men beat addictions to alcohol, smoking, p*rnography, and masturb*tion. 

He is a family man.

Works as a Civil servant with the Kenyan Government.

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