Burial of 12-year-old boy shot during demos halted after police allegedly take his body

• The news was shared by comedian and activist Eric Omondi through his socials.

12 year old shot 8 times
12 year old shot 8 times

The burial of the 12-year-old shot in Rongai has allegedly been stopped.

The news was shared by comedian and activist Eric Omondi through his socials.

He alleged they had gotten to Homa Bay only for the body of the 12-year-old to be taken away.

"So we got to Homabay to bury the 12-year-old Kennedy and just before getting to the homestead, we found a police roadblock. They took the boy.

Whoever is responsible please allow this woman to mourn in Peace and allow her to bury her Son. She has suffered enough."

The minor was identified as Kennedy Onyango.

Pictures of bullet wounds on his back horrified Kenyans who called for justice for the boy.

More than 8 gunshot wounds showed the horrific moment anti-riot police gunned him down.

Eric told

"I just spoke to the Mother and she is Broken and in utter DISMAY. We are going to Celebrate Kennedy as A Hero!!! We are going to remember him as a Martyr of the Final Struggle. TEAM SISI KWA SISI Send ALL YOU CAN to the Mother on 0711 672795 (NAME: Josinter Ochieng) LETS GO!!!"

The mother shared several pictures of the young man in happier moments. 

"alikuwa ana chora chora, alikuwa so talented. " she showed an album containing drawings of different things.


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