Singer Jemimah Thiongo appeals for Sh 3 million to offset hubby's medical bill

•Complications from a surgery left him immobile.

Kenyan singer Jemimah Thiongo and her husband

Legendary gospel singer Jemimah Thiongo has appealed for help in raising Sh3 million to offset her husband's hospital bill.

Although she did not specify what is ailing her hubby Francis Thiongo. She stated complications from a surgery left him immobile.

The "AKISEMA ATAKUBARIKI" hit maker said they had to pay the bills of two hospitals, one where the husband was initially hospitalized and where he currently is.

Through a video doing rounds on social media, she shared

"My husband Francis Thiongo walked into the hospital one day for a small procedure and incidentally it became a big issue.

It led him to be immobile.' He has been in hospital for close to three months. We have had 2 fundraisers from family and friends.

We raised 2.7 million and we now have a deficit of 3 million shillings. We are appealing to you to stand with us and help the money needed so that we can clear the bill."

Further adding

"So that we can get him home. thanks to all our friends who have stood with us, and all the churches for praying

If you want to help, send your financial assistance to PAY BILL:8056821."

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