Nicholas Kioko reveals challenging illness he's been battling

Nicholas Kioko
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator and brand influencer Nicholas Kioko has shared an illness that he has been battling with and how it has awfully affected his life.

Sharing on his Instagram page, the father of 2 posted videos of him in hospital receiving care while showing the process he goes through in order to receive ease from the conditions brought about by the illness.

Opening up about his condition he wrote;

"Hey everyone, I wanted to share something personal. I have been dealing with Lumbar Hypolordosis, which has made the past few days and nights really challenging,"

Kioko in detail further explained what the body deforming condition was as he thanked his baby mama, YouTube content creator Ashley Wambo for helping take care of him during his trying times.

"Lumbar Hypolordosis is a condition characterized by a reduced inward curvature of the lower spine. It has been causing a lot of discomfort. I am working through it with the help of my healthcare team and staying positive," the father of 2 wrote in part.

Finishing up he noted some of the things he was doing to help alleviate pain included physical therapy exercises which as he describes,"these exercises help to strengthen and stretch the muscles around my spine,"

To his partner he penned, "Thanks to my wife Wambo Ashley for being so supportive," as he asked his followers who might be battling the same condition to engage with him in the comment section and share their experiences as well as how they corrected it.

Replying under his post Ashley adorably wrote, "Get well soon baby," accompanied with a love heart emoji.

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