Kenyans respond to food donation request as arrested protestors faint in court

• They have been given food by well wishers.

Scores of young people, presented in court over anti tax protests elicited concern after fainting due to hunger.

Calls for milk were placed by the Judge Wandia at Milimani Law Courts.

They were awaiting the ruling on the release of the protestors arrested two days ago on bond.

3 minors fainted, with one foaming int he mouth in the court proceedings.

Mr Wanjeri further added that the persons were not fed by the police nor were they allowed to receive food.

There were 185 protesters in court as a lawyer also took to Twitter to plead for food donations.

Counsel James K Wa Njeri  on his account told that Kenyans responded overwhelmingly, after alerting that none of the persons, whom he referred to as children, had been fed and were fainting.

The lawyer also appealed for medical assistance. IMLU later sent and ambulance to Milimani Law Courts.

"Kenyans are truly amazing people. After we highlighted the fact that the arrested persons have nto eaten since yesterday some patriots who want to remain anonymous have pulled together resources to get food for all the 185 people and they were all served. Asanteni sana."

All arrested persosn were given personal bond of sh50,000.

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