Kenyans join X space to listen to President Ruto

The space began minutes after 2 pm

The X Space dialogue between Kenyans and President Ruto on Friday July 5 afternoon kicked off with many joining to listen in.

It was set to kick off at 2pm. and dubbed #engageThePresident.

While some experience challenges waiting to connect, others were on board engaging with the President.

State House Press Secretary Hussein Mohammed hosted the conversation 

By 2:30 here were almost 100k plus listeners. However unstable internet upset many others who couldn't join in. The number however kept increasing then decreasing.

Other issues included the host being disconnected.

Later it went smoothly.

Here are some reactions

Ezekiel Mutua said "It was the late Michuki who said that the Government  can remove your teeth then tell you to go and report to police. Now where do we report this inconvenience"

Dr Kingori said "It's interesting to hear the President working hard to avoid using the name Osama"

Maina Kageni asked "Wait...anyone else getting "could not fetch space"

@ndanuh_ said "But all in all, I hope at least the space communicates to Ruto and something positive will come out of it"

KasKazini "The gasp I heard when I heard Zakayos account saying "Hebu accept Osama as o host. Kumbe game s game"

Earlier at 1pm, the President addressed the nation, where he announced a raft of measures to address concerns expressed by Kenyans.


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