Anerlisa Muigai gives her life to Christ

• The Nero Water CEO revealed that she'd recently given her life to Christ

Anerlisa Muigai
Image: Instagram

Entrepreneur and social media personality Anerlisa Muigai has joined the list of celebrities and influencers who have turned over a new life and gotten saved, or should I say born again?

Sharing on her Instagram stories, the Nero Water CEO revealed that she had recently strengthened her relationship with Jesus. However, she did not give a timeline of when the big moment happened or an account of how it went down like other media personalities have been doing.

In the video, Anerlisa could be seen enjoying a morning ride in her car dressed in all black with a full face beat.

Captioning the post she wrote,"I am so glad to have given my life to Christ. My life is so much at peace,"

The Keroche Breweries heiress also disclosed that she had done a little bit of reshuffling in her life cutting ties with some people she did not deem to continue being in her circle. A well thought out move considering just a month ago one of her friends totally embarrassed her by leaking a WhatsApp group chat of Anerlisa trying to raise about Sh.1.2 million to offset her fiancée’s bail money.

"The people I have chosen in my life are everything I ever wanted. God is the only way. You come first," the entrepreneur added.

Previously she had shared an Instagram video where a man explained his definition of success as doing what God wishes one to do irrespective of circumstances at hand. Anerlisa has also unfollowed a multitude of people on her page.

Despite having 1 million followers, the entrepreneur is currently following back only 10 accounts with only 5 notable people (Tanasha Dona, Haentel Wanjiru, Lola Hannigan, Lynn Ngugi and Nazizi Hirji) making the list.

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