Amber Ray shares the most underrated recipe for a good life

• Amber is currently engaged to city businessman Kennedy Rapudo and the two share a daughter

Socialite Amber Ray Amberay
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Socialite turned digital content creator and club host Faith Makau better known as Amber Ray seems to have hacked one of the secrets to living a good life and if her social media posts and online life are anything to go by then she really has cracked the code.

And be a good vibes ambassador, the 32-year-old mother of two is down to sharing her secret with the rest of the world.

Taking to her Instagram page, Amber posted a series of photos of herself looking divine as she donned a light brown leather skirt paired with a dark brown sheer body suit. Captioning the posts she wrote;

"One of the most underrated ingredients for a good life is a clear conscience,"

Elaborating on what she meant by a clear conscience the content creator who loves referring to herself as 'Bibi ya Tajiri' broke down the components that help one achieve said state noting, "To know  you are not out here doing people dirty, hiding who you are, or screwing people over. You get to sleep peacefully at night.

Finishing up, she reminded netizens that karma always comes knocking as she encouraged them to make better life decisions.

"Karma is real, energy is contagious so live accordingly," the last of her post read.

A while back Amber had credited ageing for helping her come into terms with things and learn how to live life better which translated to what she gave her energy to as well.

"The older you get, the more quiet you humbles you so deeply as you age. You realize how much nonsense you have wasted time on," the socialite mused.

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