All about Zaha Indimuli, medical volunteer who confronted police over teargas

Zaha is a 23 year old medic who went viral pleading with cops to stop lobbing teargas as facility

zaha indimuli
zaha indimuli

Medics have received praise for their voluntary work helping injured protestors.

Among them was a young lady who in a viral video, was seen angrily approaching police officers over bullets and canisters thrown in their makeshift tent

She was among volunteer medics at Holy Family Basilica during Occupy Parliament protests.

The moment was captured by Twitter user Just Obra.

Zaha spoke to Citizen TV Thursday July 4, about that moment.

"I was stuck at Cardinal Otunga, that avenue so I decided to join the medical team that was around Basilica. Immediately I got there, the first casualty was a police officer.  I think he threw out a canister and inhaled alot of gas. They also have alot of protective gear. It was somebody choking out of the gas." she began

She assisted the officer.

"Then the other police officer, the colleague, who was holding him as well, started shouting at me."

She shouted back that the colleague did not know how to help the choking officer, "I'm trying t open up some of these gears, coz he is losing breath. and he is yelling all over my face. And I'm like calm down Zaha, everybody's emotions are high I still need to do my job"

 "He made me curse out aloud" she laughed about her reaction in the tent.

she was at the fence of Holy Family Basiilica sealing wounds. "I'm Muslim, I'm in a dress, so being on top of a fence was difficult"

She had no idea her walk towards officers was being recorded.

"We were having minimal resources, personnel, and in the tent we were trying to accommodate those who were scared and having frights, anxiety attacks"

suddenly gunshots were fired, and those in the tents scampered for their safety. 

"It started slowly by me hearing gunshots. and we were at the parking lot of Holy Family. I hear another one and I was like no way. you will not be shooting close to the medical tent. So people are running around, the police decide to throw teargas. in the commotion, we had patients who were stepped on"

A casualty was brought in at that moment

"It was another police officer with an open wound." she was concerned about teargas in the air and flammable items.

"I just marched forward to where I heard the gunshots. I told myself Allah I'm gonna go, I'm hearing the gunshots where I'm gonna go, but the police don't understand that inside here we have a medical team, including their fellow police officers, I'm going to walk straight there, whatever happens I know this is my intention"

She confidently walked as a young man accompanied her.

"As I'm walking I'm just seeing a crowd of police laughing and chatting. In groups and they have blocked the road. My heart was so crashed. " she pleaded them to allow ambulances through the barrier.

"When I got there I dont know where the words came from. He looked at me pointed that rungu at me and told me to go back he is gonna kill some more that I should wait for" she stood there in horror.

She walked back to the tent, only for more teargas to be thrown there. "I think after that it has really taken a toll on me"

Sadly, 2 days ago, medics announced they will no longer offer free first responder services during the Gen Z protests due to safety concerns.

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