You're lying-Elsa Majimbo to people who claim she's ugly

• The content creator frequently engages in tiffs with Kenyans and people in her comment section.

Elsa Majimbo
Image: Instagram

According to Elsa Majimbo, anyone who claims she's ugly is simply a liar because she asserts she's drop-dead gorgeous.

The US-based Kenyan model and internet sensation firmly stated this in a video that she shared on her TikTok account.

Elsa argued she has a multitude of people both online and in real life who constantly praise her which clearly proves the few haters who like stating that she's ugly are wrong.

In the video she also addressed how she feels most people tend to dislike her just because of her rich dark skin tone. However, that doesn't really bother her.

"And while we are on the topic of a lot of you hating me because I'm dark-skinned, let us talk about my favourite insult, 'The you are ugly line.'

C'mon! You know you are lying... you know you are lying," the commercial model said putting emphasis on the "lying" bit as she oiled her hands.

She went on to add that even though people argue beauty is subjective, when it comes to her she was far from ugly and that does not translate to her conceited.

"And I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but c'mon! I know you are lying, you know you are lying and the audience knows you are lying.

This is not know it's not even about oooh being confident so confident in myself and whatnot. It's I have so many people in real life who tell me every day that I am drop-dead gorgeous.  And I have thousands and thousands of people online telling me I am stunning daily!

Plus I have mirrors. I know I'm stunning, I know I'm gorgeous so let us be for real. Let's be for real," Elsa said as a matter of fact as she brought her face closer to the camera showing off her features.

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