Whoopi Goldberg - Cannabis is probably the greatest medicine on the planet

• The View host praised the drug for helping her deal with painful menstrual cramps and glaucoma-related headaches when medicine designed for that use failed to help her.

American actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg
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Veteran American actress, comedian, and author Caryn Elaine Johnson, professionally known as Whoopi Goldberg has praised cannabis for its healing properties arguing it should be made available for people everywhere.

The 68-year-old complete EGOT series award winner also revealed that she would be fully venturing into the cannabis business bringing to market two cannabis brands under her WhoopFam umbrella.

Crediting the drug which she terms as 'probably the greatest medicine on the planet' for helping her deal with painful menstrual cramps and her glaucoma-related headaches when painkillers she used, that were designed for that use failed to help her.

Highlighting she wishes to share the "healing" with other women as well as people in pain.

"For people like me, it was always used to stop the (menstrual) cramps and the side part of it is that it was fun, it made you laugh and stuff. They(periods) are not taboo anymore because we all know women get a period. We know.

So you can either make it hard, which they've done in terms of creating something that helps women... But this (cannabis) we know works," the Sister Acts star said while talking with Forbes Magazine.

Whoopi, who's a mother of one went on to explain why she thinks medicating shouldn't feel uncomfortable stating, "People say, 'well, that's just anecdotal,' but it's not anecdotal. Medicine should be in the hands of people."

Whoopi Goldberg advocates for weed as she launches two new cannabis brands

"Everybody you talk to would tell you that medicine doesn't have to be horrifying. Especially when it's herbal, when it's growing out of the ground and doesn't need an additive, which means it can stay reasonably priced for people to go pick it up."

Speaking about her new launch and the products they'll have out in the market the 68-year-old author stated;

“I am so glad that we are introducing Whoopi & Maya to a new group of women who will benefit greatly from period pain relief, which it was initially created for, as well as welcoming a whole new group of human beings who find themselves suffering from all types of muscular discomfort. There are tinctures, chocolate, as well as a soak, that I know people are going to love.”

The other brand dubbed Emma & Clyde is named after her late mother and brother, who both used cannabis. Her mother medicinally and her brother for recreational purposes.

The TV show host described them as "two people that represent weed as it stands in the real world".

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