Warren commended for his support during Whitney's trying labor

• The TikTokers are much-loved for the way they share their love for each other in a real and authentic way.

warren and whitney newborn courtesy instagram
warren and whitney newborn courtesy instagram

Content creators Warren and Whitney have embarked on their beautiful journey into parenthood. Warren was in the delivery room to witness the moment a few days ago.

The young couple shared their labor and delivery video, where fans praised Warren for being loving and supportive throughout the process.

It was quite dramatic as he often intervened to shower his 19-year-old girlfriend with love.

"Kwani kichwa ni kubwa aje haitoki?" she asked the medics as she struggled to give it one last push.

"You can do it, baby, one shot," Warren is heard encouraging her as she screams out in pain, "Aki naskia uchungu."

She wriggled her body, twisting, prompting the nurses and Warren to caution her.

"Kichwa iko hapa," Warren tells her. "Please don’t give up, honey. You can do it, okay? I'm proud of you. Give it one push, na usilete drama, just give it one push."

The baby was delivered at 17:56. The happy couple was then handed their son.

Below are comments from fans who approved of Warren’s encouragement:

@nimochanel: Imagine going through all that with a man who doesn't even care, throughout your pregnancy journey till the very end. Shout out to this man; I hope you take good care of her even in her old age. Women deserve all the respect.

@elizabethsamuel6611: The fact that Warren is a Catholic made me happy for recognizing Mother Mary.

@TiffanyKihumba: Wenye tumelia juu ya uyu mwanaume kusimama na bibi yake, hallo. Kupata mwanaume careling c rahisi. Congratulations, girl.

@TheOnlyNoey_: Dear Warren, I have watched this entire journey, and I can tell you your woman’s love language is words of affirmation. She wants assurance, and please be the gentleman you are. Anytime you think about a reason to leave her, remember this moment when she sacrificed for you to be a dad. Nothing should separate you.

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