Ronoh stuns netizens after showcasing one of her hidden talents

• But she did reveal that although she might have many talents, driving was not one of them.

Digital content creator Chebet Ronoh
Image: Courtesy

Digital content creator Chebet Ronoh has lit up the internet after sharing a video of herself singing.

In the said video, the former radio host who was seated on top of her bed playing with her pet dog donned a black graphic t-shirt with a photo of American Grammy award winning singer Billie Eilish plastered on it.

She proceeded to slow hum before turning the camera to face her. Ronoh could then be heard hitting high notes as she sang along to Billie Eilish's hit song, 'What Was I Made For,' while totally staying in tune with the original release.

Fans and friends flocked to her Instagram page to share how impressed they were with Ronoh holding a tune as they shared how incredibly multi-talented the 24-year-old content creator was.

Others even went as far as asking her to venture into music assuring her she'd do well.

Below are some comments from netizens reacting to Ronoh's singing;

Ms. Leitich: Okay, what can't Chebet do??!!!❤️❤️❤️🔥

Nimrat. C: We’re sorry we were not familiar with your game 😍

Mpoaz_99: Not only a yapper😭

Imelasekuzza: Your voice is so angelic, I’d listen to it forever 🥹

Miss Kihoro: Oooooof! Love love love!

Lolitskelly: i really really love your voice. i wish you could sing more.

Wanjiku Stephens: Super talented

MarkilianGrey: Since when?🔥🔥💯🔥✨

Blvck LeiyanThe voice got me screaming 😭😭 It’s so Angelic 🥹🥹

Issy.lynn: Girl was clearly made for it all😢🔥

Ronoh replied to the comments thanking people for their beautiful comments. On if there was anything the multifaceted Chebet couldn't do after a clear display of her vocals the content creator stated, "drive omg," noting that she was indeed a terrible driver. 

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