Reason Ringtone is urging Kenyans to visit hospitalized protestors

• Ringtone was just from Kenyatta Hospital visiting all those injured during the protests

Veteran musician Ringtone
Image: Instagram

Veteran gospel singer Alex Apoko popularly known as Ringtone is asking the youth to make it a daily habit visiting the injured protestors who are still hospitalized.

The controversial artist argued that those in hospital needed moral support from their peers now more than ever.

Ringtone alongside Ezra FBI and Jacky B made a stop at Kenyatta Hospital where they hang out with the injured protestors. The trio had also come bearing food for the patients.

"On the streets there were a lot of people, everyone saw it, everyone came out. People came out in droves as we all chanted 'Reject Finance Bill.' From that time till now so many people have gotten hurt with some even getting shot in the process..." started the singer while speaking to online media.

He went on to highlight the main reason that had pushed him to make the hospital visit stating;

"You know, you might find there is a young person who left home well and took  to the streets to fight for his rights and a better future shouting 'reject' and now you will find that he is all alone here in the hospital. Due to that, you know it is very easy for these young people to get demoralized and have this used against them.

Next time something happens and we ask young people to come out most of them will be told, 'you remember when you got hurt you were all alone?' Here, you might find that there is a patient who from morning till now hasn't had any visitors and we don't want that happening.

I'd like to encourage everyone who was in the streets, these people need you now more than ever. Now that they are alone, they need us,"

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