List of counties that will go without power today, Thursday

• The company said the interruption will be effected between 9:00 am and 5 pm in mentioned areas.


Kenya Power has notified Kenyans in various parts of three select counties to brace for hours without electricity on Thursday, July 4, 2024 to allow for network maintenance.

In a notice issued Wednesday evening, the utility company said the scheduled power supply interruption will affect customers in parts of Nairobi, Makueni, Kiambu, Nyeri and Kirinyaga.

“Please be advised, the following areas will be undergoing planned maintenance tomorrow (02.07.2024),” the notice read.

The company said the interruption will be effected between 9:00 am and 5 pm in mentioned areas.

Counties to be affected are Nairobi, Makueni, Kiambu, Nyeri and Kirinyaga.


Interruptions in select areas will occur between 9am and 5pm.

UN Avenue, part of UN Headquarters, Whispers Avenue, Gigiri Water, part of United Nations Crescent and adjacent customers will be affected.


In Makueni, the power interruption will affect customers in Emali town, Mulala, Kithumani, Manooni, Mugyani, Masumba, Kilili, Kalamba, Matiliku and Mbenuu.

Power interruptions will also be effected rom 9am to 5pm within Kiboko town, Kiboko Kari, Utini, Masimba, Matutu, Makutano, Kwa Ndava, Yikivumbu and Vololo.


Areas to experience power interruption in Kiambu include Murera Sisal, Matangi-Ni, Hamundia, Theta, PCEA Matangi, Magomano, Ndarasha, Ndururumo, Ruiriro, Pherie, Corner Brook, St Dominic, Space & Style and Juja South East.

Selecta KPP Production, Mastores, Abba Salama Juja Farm S/Centre, Juja Farm Police Station, Gikumari S/Centre and Air Harries will also have power outage from 9am to 5pm.

Other areas to be affected include Kwa Mzungu, Kwa Wamuini, Kwa Wamumbi, Juja Farm Zone P, Mwireri shopping centre, Kwa Mirage shopping centre, Kwa Ruhi, Athi shopping centre, PCEA Tumaini, St Michael Secondary School, Athi Dispensary, Mukuyuini shopping centre and adjacent customers.

In Nyeri, power interruption is scheduled in Kahigaini, Kiunyu, Kwa Chief, Ithenguri and Chorio from 8am to 5pm.

Customers in Kigwandi, Karurumo, Kigwandi C/Fact, Kiandu, Kariko, Makutano, Kaiguri, Gura and Gondo have also been notified that they will be without power over the same period.


Part of Kutus town, Kagio, Kimicha, Babara Secondary, Spenza, Nyaga Primary, Njegas Booster, KPCU Kiaga, Kiaga market, Ndaba and Rwangondu Abai Hotel will be affected.

The scheduled 8.30am to 3.30pm power outage will also affect customers in Gakindu, Gatuto and Kutus munispality.

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