Kanye West accused of sending explicit videos to employees

• The entire incident began in April 2024 when Ye was preparing to launch his adult content entertainment company.

Kanye West.
Image: Instagram

Rapper and producer Kanye West is reportedly being sued for allegedly creating a hostile work environment, failing to pay his YZY employees, and sending them explicit photos and videos while his wife was working there.

Kanye West and Milo Yiannopoulos, his former chief of staff, were named as defendants in the court case.

However, despite these allegations, Censori was not named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

The entire incident began in April 2024 when Ye was preparing to launch his adult content entertainment company, YZY P@rn, and a music streaming service, YZYVSN.

A team of foreign black developers, including some kids, were hired by Yiannopoulos and West to work on the project.

Censori celebrated their entry into the adult entertainment sector by sending explicit adult films to the employees via a file-sharing link, leaving them unable to avoid engaging with the content.

According to the lawsuit, West never paid his employees for the work they did on the YZY P@rn or YZYVSN projects, and they were subjected to "forced labor and treated with cruelty, inhumanity, or humiliation."

Referring to allegations that Ye and Milo created a hostile work environment, the lawsuit claims that the two men appointed white supervisors to oversee their predominantly Black employees.

Milo reportedly called one of the employees a "school shooter." It is also claimed that these white supervisors mocked the employees by giving them job titles like "New Slaves."

If the developers agreed to the unusual working conditions and did not report what they witnessed at YZY, Yiannopoulos allegedly tried to pay them $120,000.

The complaint alleges that amidst all this turmoil, the team of developers completed a version of YZYVSN and sent it to Ye.

However, Ye reportedly failed to pay the employees for their work.

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