I messed up - Khalif Kairo addresses breakup with Cera Imani

• Khalif heaped praises on his ex stating that she wasn't like other girls who are easily impressed by material things

Khalif Kairo and Cera Imani

Controversial entrepreneur and pilot Khalif Kairo has confirmed that his ex-girlfriend Cera Imani is the one who dumped him.

The 28-year-old father of one intimated that her leaving was his fault noting, "I think I'm the one who messed up. I agree that I was the problem,"

On whether at the time of the announcement the breakup was real because fans highly doubted it and there were reports of the former love birds being spotted together or one voice being heard in the background while the other was recording a video, Kairo promised it was all real.

He noted that he never chases clout.

"It was real... you know me, I don't do that stuff. I don't do clout chasing. I've been in very many relationships, it's just that this one was very public," said the car deal while speaking with Dr. Ofweneke.

Getting into the nitty gritty parts of their relationship and breakup, Kairo admitted that even if he had been dumped he was no longer upset as such things were at times inevitable when it comes to affairs of the heart.

Kairo heaped praises on his ex stating that she was not like other girls who are easily swayed by material things.

The father of one explained that the way he deals with things is one of the many reasons that pushed Cera away.

Khalif Kairo with his ex girlfriend Cera Imani in past files
Image: Courtesy

"You know it is not all girls who are obsessed and enticed by these material things and money. Cera is a very principled lady, you know I know her so she is not someone who is with you because of the money or anything. Money also wouldn't be a course for breakup.

There are issues that make people breakup...I think the problem with people like me, us businessmen some of us we become so engrossed with businesses that we forget to nurture and foster the relationship and we deal with things in very logical and methodical ways as opposed to emotional.

And the way we're used to dealing with business is how we deal with other things but women are emotional and sometimes it requires you to step out of your zone and try and be a little bit emotional which at times for some of us becomes a problem," the controversial pilot explained.

On what he misses the most about the content creator Cera Imani, Kairo said;"I think the company... traveling alone is very boring. Also dating a content creator is very fun, you are each other's camera person and they ensure you have perfect takes.

Plus dating is really nice because when things happen in life you have someone to talk to,"

Finishing up on the subject, the car dealer noted he'd no longer be looking for love or a relationship for that matter but if it found him along the way then he might be open to exploring.

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