Frankie JustGymIt defends his new love for heels and painted nails

• Netizens have questioned if the Frankie's love interests have changed following his new fashion sense.

Frank Kiarie

Fitness enthusiast Frank Kiarie mostly known as Frankie Just Gym It has been under fire over his recent fashion style with a few netizens questioning if the father of 4 had switched to the LGBTQ+ camp.

On different occasions, Frankie has been spotted rocking heeled boots that appear too feminine even by fashion standards.

He's also had his nails well manicured and polished ever so often and has adapted to wearing wide-legged baggy pants paired with fitting tops or vests and leather jackets.

Looks that these days are mostly associated with the gay and queer community.

Addressing speculations surrounding his sexuality the father of 4 posted a video on his YouTube channel where he got candid about why the "new" Frankie looked nothing like the gym instructor that netizens were used to.

"My style and fashion and how that has changed. I am super confident in my sexuality. I love women. I love women so much that I had to get a couple," the fitness instructor slyly said.

Fitness enthusiast Frankie Just Gym It

He went on to defend his fashion choices noting that it was just clothes and nothing more. Frankie argued he'd fallen in love with the 80's retro look, thus changing his wardrobe.

However, that didn't mean his preferences regarding partners had changed as well. As for his nails, they are a conversation starter and he loves the attention.

"If you are conservative, you might look at it that way, but for me, it's just fashion. I can comfortably wear heels with a nice-looking outfit. I wear heels, I wear platforms.

I like doing my nails, like adding art to them. If you go outside looking different, 9 times out of 10, people will approach you. Ukitaka kurudi soko vizuri, stand out. So no, I am not gay," the father of 4 said.

On whether he was currently dating or not Frankie candidly said;

"When it comes to dating, I'm not dating anyone I'm seeing everyone. I'm not in any kind of relationship with anyone, and that's very intentional. Pretty much single for a very long time, but of course I mingle, but I stay single,"

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