Flaqo give major update about Keranta

• Many fans came out to console Keranta after the sad news was revealed.

Flaqo and Keranta
Image: Instagram

Flaqo has some news to share about Keranta Chege. The comedian and content creator announced the reason for her recent absence online: It all has to do with her social media page.

He shared her new handle, asking fans to follow it.

"Hello guys. Keranta recently lost her Instagram account," Flaqo said.

Keranta also shared the same details, as fans consoled her about losing her previous account. She expressed her frustration, saying starting over is the hardest part.

"And so she said, 'Let's begin again.' 🥹 Before adding, "Y’all, my other Instagram account got disabled at 366k followers. The past few days have not been easy because that's something I have worked on for almost 4 years now, but I am opening my heart to this new beginning and just trusting the process. I hope y’all support me and share widely 😊 Thank you."

Many of her celebrity friends also advertised her new account, showing solidarity as she begins afresh. Keranta was emotional as she appreciated all the comments from fans welcoming her.

The first post she shared featured a dreadlocked man advertising a phone.

The handsome man certainly got the ladies drooling as they begged Keranta to tag his social media account. Keranta and Flaqo have not been seen publicly together for many months, fueling rumours that they are no longer together.

Neither has addressed the persistant queries.

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