Director Trevor discloses more details about break up with Mungai Eve

• Trevor and Eve broke up in February this year after dating for almost six years.

Director Trevor and Mungai Eve in the past
Image: Instagram

Once again, Director Trevor has found himself being questioned by fans who want to know more about his relationship with Mungai Eve, which ended earlier this year after six years together.

Trevor found himself answering many questions surrounding the issue after agreeing to do a Q&A session with his fans on Instagram.

The founder and owner of the KOM blog was asked why he left the relationship with Mungai Eve and left almost everything they had built together to her, except for the YouTube channel, Facebook account, and a few other small things.

"To be honest, should I have taken a cooking pot?" Trevor responded to one person who wanted to know why he didn't take any household items.

He also provided a detailed explanation about leaving with almost nothing, saying that it is good to start fresh after a relationship.

According to Trevor, starting anew with everything fresh after a relationship gives a person a good opportunity to heal emotionally, rebuild, and even grow intellectually.

"Having a new beginning after a breakup is an important step in healing your emotions, personal growth, gaining clarity, rebuilding confidence, setting boundaries, and even opening up to new opportunities," Trevor explained.

"This will also help you move on quickly from past pain and focus on your life, ensuring you learn from your past and embrace a positive future," he added.

Trevor and Eve broke up in February this year after dating for almost six years.

Trevor's statement comes just a few days after Mungai Eve was seen wearing a white t-shirt with the words "my ex is my biggest fan" printed on the chest.

However, it was unclear whether she wore the t-shirt with that message intentionally or if it was just a coincidence, and it was also not immediately clear which ex the message was referring to, although many felt it was directly aimed at Trevor.

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