Chef arrested for faking Guinness World Record


• The chef together with his sponsors organized an event to begin the cook-a-thon in a bid to break the individual world record

Ebenezer Smith
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The Guinness World  Record has been eyed by many in many categories of sports, lifestyle, etc. This has made numerous determined individuals to prepare for even years to break a world record.

Curiosity caught up with one chef in Ghana, chef Ebenezer Emeka Smith, trying to break a world record for the longest cook-a-thon.

The chef together with his sponsors organized an event to begin the cook-a-thon in a bid to break the individual world record.

In a twist of events, the chef produced a well-framed World Guinness Record certificate indicating that he has broken the record.

The certificate read,

World Record Certificate
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The chef enjoyed the fame and hype of breaking the world record that came to a halt a few weeks later when the Guinness World Record confirmed that the longest cooking marathon was completely fake and also clarified that the plaque was not genuine.

Watch the video below as the chef celebrates his victory.

This caused the authorities to arrest and charge him for defrauding not only the Guinness World Record but also his sponsors and fans.

Here are some of the reactions from netizens.

Depegan of Lagos @Mautiin01·Ghana people are out to misrepresent Africa again and put us in a bad light. He need to be arrested immediately

KALYJAY@gyaigyimii·he is Nigerian. Chef Chekuemeka Smith from Benin state. His speciality is catfish pepper soup with eba

Mempeasem President@AsieduMends·He’s a Nigerian living in Ghana please. Kindly take note

TROJAN@iamthatNegro·Ghanaians faking a 33-day cooking marathon and a bogus Guinness World Record? Hilarious how they're quick to call Nigerians frauds! If this continues, they'll be the ones giving Africa a bad name.

Foundational Igbo Man@PharmUcheey·As usual, Ghana trying to be like Nigeria but they can't measure up

Dividends Growth Hustler@DividendIncome_·This is why integrity matters. It's not worth claiming a title without the effort. Takes years to build, milliseconds to lose. One lie and your credibility goes up in flames.

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