Charlene Ruto's message to Gen Z amid anti-finance bill protests


• Charlene to Gen Z: Current economic situation affecting us all 

•She said youth's engagement in national affairs is essential and welcomed.

Charlene Ruto speaks to the media flanked by fellow youths on Wednesday, July 3, 2024.

President William Ruto's daughter Charlene has called on the young people to use their avenues to promote peace across the country.

Charlene said the recent demonstrations, which turned violent, have been caused by a push from 'dark forces' to create chaos in the country.

She said the protests saw businesses looted leaving owners counting huge losses.

"We have used our voices and platforms to be a part of current affairs. I say we because I stand before you today, not just as the President's daughter but as one of you. A young Kenyan passionate about our country's future," she said on Wednesday.

"I hear your voices and understand your concerns. The challenges we face as a generation are real and pressing; from unemployment to the rising cost of living, we are all feeling the impact of our current economic situation." 

She said youth's engagement in national affairs is essential and welcomed.

The President's daughter urged youths to consider the complexities of governance saying solutions might seem simple but have consequences they might not immediately see.

"This doesn't mean that we should stop pushing for change, but we should approach issues with nuance and openness to dialogue. As I continue to use my platform to support all young people, I would like us to engage constructively," she added.

"Let us criticise when necessary and propose solutions. Let us be the generation that is known, not just for its passion but for innovation in governance and civic participation."

Charlene said that she will listen and learn from the youths to find solutions for the country.

She added that the government through the Ministry of Youth engages with young people.

"We will not allow anyone to use our name to misalign us and to put us away from the support that we need."

Charlene said the youth need the support of the government and agencies and stand behind the current government.

She said peace is something that has been far from Kenyans in the past days.

Kenyans, largely the Gen Z , have taken to the streets to demonstrate against unpopular tax regime and are now calling for a raft of changes in governance.

The nationwide protests have left many injured, several dead and property destroyed.

President William Ruto declined to sign the controversial Finance Bill, 2024 which sparked the outrage but this has done little to appease many who are still angered by the state the country finds itself today including high public expenditure.

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