Zuchu lovingly calls Diamond 'my husband' during vacation

• He has been in Europe for performances among other commitments.

Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz on a trip to Dubai
Image: Instagram

Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz are enjoying cozy moments together in Dubai after Diamond concluded his European tour.

The singer has performed in countries such as Germany and France at concerts and other engagements.

Zuchu, who has missed him dearly, joined him in Dubai, where she referred to him as "my husband" and showed him much love for being away for so long.

The couple is staying at the luxurious Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel. On her Snapchat account, Zuchu shared a video of Diamond lying on a bed by the pool as they enjoyed exotic fruits together.

She lovingly touched his beard and expressed how much she had missed him.

Zuchu also congratulated Diamond for the success of his song "Komosava," which has gained worldwide attention.

Notably, US singer Chris Brown participated in the "Komosava" challenge and shared it on Instagram.

Zuchu also praised Diamond for putting Tanzania on the world map, playfully saying, "Anaringa ndugu yake Klisi Blauni" (He is proud, his brother Chris Brown).

She indicated that she couldn't wait to see and congratulate him in person, so she decided to meet him in Dubai.

She arrived in Dubai a few days before Diamond landed. According to his manager SK Sallam, Diamond will also be performing there soon.

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