Size 8's new song deals with important issue

• The song by the mother of two has been received warmly by her fans.

Size 8
Image: Courtesy

Gospel artist and minister Size 8 has made a comeback to the music scene with a new song. The singer premiered a track titled 'Inakuwashia Nini,' a collaboration with the duo Wapendwa Muziki.

In the song, Mama Wambo addresses body shamers who often comment on her weight gain, encouraging people to love and appreciate themselves.

"Why does someone's body bother you?" she questions cyberbullies. The lyrics go on to say, "Whether I gain weight, lose weight, or lack flawless skin, without Jesus in my heart, He has given me courage."

A day before the song's release, she hinted at the upcoming good news for her music fans. In an Instagram post, she shared why she felt compelled to create a body-positivity anthem.

"When God brought us into this world, He did not bring us as tourists. God brought us into this world to fulfill a purpose, to dominate and subdue for His glory. This means that wherever you are, however small or big you look at yourself, you have a purpose bigger than you to do the will of God."

The mother of two has faced cyberbullying over the years, with critics targeting her dress and health.

Her fans are glad that she has a strong message for the bullies. Read some of the comments below:

  • @waridiplusizefashion: "Excellent vocals 👌👌👌"
  • @njeris_kitchen_and_lifestyle: "Eiiiish this one is sooo hot🔥🔥🔥 good job guys👏👏🙌"
  • @tishnambala: "Thank you for addressing body shaming issues. It reminds us that nobody's perfect, only Jesus Christ."

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