Kate Actress celebrates first-born son as he turns 18

β€’ Kate Actress got pregnant with her son 3 months after joining campus.

Kate Actress and son Leon
Image: Facebook

Kate Actress has celebrated her first born son turning 18.

Kamau is Kate's child with her campus love.

in the past Kate shared her mother's reaction after she discovered the actress was pregnant at the tender age of 19.

"I am extremely emotional today πŸ˜”, Happy 18th my big baby . With everything that is happening around us,πŸ˜” mothers losing their innocent sons to police brutality & other injustices a black boy child is subjected to in today’s society , I just want to hold you a Little closer today , with so much gratitude to God for getting you to this big Age . We did it my boy .Happy Birthday my heart πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½"


Kate Actress Prayer for her son as he turns 18

In an interview on Churchill show, the mother of two recalls how her mother was strict, hence she had no freedom to interact with the opposite gender. 

"My mum is very strict, so we did not mingle with boys as such. I went to an all girls boarding school."

She later went to college in Kampala, where she experienced freedom. 

"Here I am, we are in class with boys..our dormitories were separated but by the end of the day, we had already mingled. It was like freedom, I can go out... within three months I was pregnant," Kate recalled. 

"I never understood anything about contraceptives...you learn about that in class but you don't really think you need them. I went for a morning-after pill after 3 weeks." 

She says breaking the news to her parents was difficult since her mother had taken a loan of KSh 400,000 to educate her.

"Before the day she came back, I wrote her a very long letter and then disappeared to my friend's place for a week. She was shocked..she asked me to go back home. I never want to see my parents that disappointed...it was really bad," Kate shared. 

The actress had not known the father of her son for long. She recalls how he was supportive at the beginning but later on kept a distance. 

To teach her a lesson, Kate says her mother made sure she experienced motherhood in the toughest manner. 

"My mum made sure I knew exactly what being a mum is...I stayed for 2 years at home... I was the househelp, mum...doing everything," she said.

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