Chipukeezy's stance on protests receives fierce reactions

• The comedian was cognizant of the fact that his opinion might be unpopular with Kenyans.

President William Ruto and Chipukeezy
Image: Instagram

Veteran Kenyan comedian Chipukeezy has divided Kenyans after opening up about the anti-government protests that have been happening in the country over the past few weeks.

The famous comedian who didn't participate in past protests like his fellow celebs or give his opinion on the Finance Bill 2024 has expressed concern about where the country is headed.

“Our country is heading in a dangerous direction, and we stand to lose a lot if we don’t change course. We can’t build a nation by tearing it down.

It’s contradictory to say we are fighting for the youth while harming their businesses and risking their lives.

When young people raised concerns about the finance bill, the president withdrew it. This shows that constructive engagement works,” he said on his social media.

The entertainer urged the youth to use the right channels to agitate for change in governance,

Protests are creating a good platform for chaos and hooliganism whether it's organic or paid, and it’s leading us down a destructive path. I am willing to be unpopular to speak my truth.

Real change comes through proper channels. If you think the country is on the wrong track, get involved—either by running for office or by voting for someone who will represent your views effectively when that time comes,” he wrote.

However, Kenyans reacted to Chipukeezy like they have to most other celebs who seemed to side with the government and mercilessly criticised him for his sober take.

The comedian’s comments sparked a backlash among his fans, filling the comment section of his post with angry responses.

Many expressed disappointment, accusing him of siding with the government. His close association with President Ruto has led fans to believe this relationship has influenced his stance on the protests, resulting in accusations of bias.

Others suggested that he should have remained silent instead of using the situation to support the government's position.

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