Karen Nyamu fires back at critics amid backlash from her recent move on tampons

• Karen Nyamu promises to bring vision of providing free tampons to life

Karen Nyamu
Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu

Controversial entrepreneur turned politician, Senator Karen Nyamu has penned a lengthy social media post blowing her own trumpet.

According to the mother of 3, she feels she has had a lot of successful projects that she has brought to fruition and that is what Kenyans ought to focus on.

Karen revealed this while strongly trying to sanitize her name after an interesting online disagreement that she had with Kotex Kenya.

"You don't have to agree with my political affiliation but you can appreciate this noble cause my foundation has taken up to expose our girls to alternative feminine hygiene products like tampons and period cups. You have seen me & my foundation pledge to causes and you have seen me on the ground delivering.

You have also seen us take up causes that have benefited society. You have seen me announce projects that have been successful," started off the nominated senator. 

Miss Nyamu doubled down on her comments, emphasizing the good that she has brought society in her limited "human" ways. Finishing up she confirmed that she would be letting the alleged partnership with Kotex die however, she would continue putting in the work to ensure her goal of offering tampons to girls in impoverished areas becomes a reality. 

"Sometimes companies forget political figures are also people and what we do to impact the community is bigger than ourselves.

As for Kotex Kenya, I feel sorry for the backlash you had to endure yesterday due to my political stand at a time when political temperatures in the country are hot, forcing you to make the statement you made. Our aim is not to set you up so we will let it rest there.

My foundation & I will diligently work to make sure this project will come to fruition. Nothing excites me and lights my soul like engaging the ground to make a difference. And to remind you that if I had listened to my critics, and trolls years ago, I wouldn’t be where I am. I only consult the word of God period 😜" the last of her post read. 

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