Dorea Chege talks about when she and DJ Dibul will be getting kids

• She stated she is in her late 20's.

• She is dating DJ Dibul.

Dorea Chege.

Kenyan actress and influencer Dorea Chege has said she is not in a rush to be a mum.

Dorea says she hopes to achieve financial, emotional and physical independence before she can get pregnant.

In a session with actress Morin, she shared

"I will have kids when I am ready! Mimi Pressure ya social media haiwezi nishtua lazima nikuwe tayari financially, emotionally and Physically!Yes my boyfriend is a DJ and I trust him, he has NEVER given me any reason to doubt him not even a single day and I will always defend him!Wasichana huwa wananitext all the time mara wameona boyfriend wangu mahali but I don’t care”~"

Dorea joins a list of celebrities who are waiting before they become parents.

Such includes Kamene Goro.

2 years ago Kamene had revealed she never wanted to have kids out of wedlock.

A fan asked her if she felt old enough to marry after she reached 30 years.

Kamene denied the claims that she is under pressure to get married after hitting 30 years.

"I have no pressure with my age...I'm easy either way."

She also talked about her current ride saying she drives a Benz and planning to buy a Porsche in 2023.

Another one asked her if its true she removed her uterus.

"Fiction. Nipeleke wapi? but i had actually thought of doing it, but i need to be 35 before it can be approved."

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