Alikiba congratulates Diamond Platnumz in surprising turn

• The two have had a love/hate relationship over the years.

From L to R: Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba
Image: Courtesy

The boss of Kings Music, Alikiba has congratulated fellow artist Naseeb Abdul Juma aka Diamond Platnumz in a situation that has been seen as surprising.

The founder of Crown Media has taken that step while celebrating how music from Tanzania has grown and how it has become famous all over the world.

Speaking in a recent interview, Alikiba realized how Diamond's latest song, 'Komasava' was recognized by the American rapper, Chris Brown and congratulated him for the great success.

"It is good to see an artist like Diamond has done until foreign artists like his work. It means that they listen to us," Alikiba said during an interview with Crown Media.

He added, "It also encourages us that our music crosses the border and goes to different places and they listen to us a lot, just saying they haven't found things that have been able to excite them like Komasava and other dances."

Alikiba noted that Diamond's song being recognized by an international artist is an inspiration for other Bongo artists. He also admitted that he wanted one of his songs to be recognized as Diamond's.

"Even I would like to see another foreign artist play Alikiba's dance. It's nice, we don't do cheap things, we don't do silly things, we do something that everyone can enjoy. It's a good thing, big up Diamond," said Alikiba.

The action has been seen as very surprising as the two bongo-flava stars are said to be the biggest rivals in the music industry in Tanzania.

Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba have had a tense relationship for a long time now.

In the middle of last year, Diamond Platnumz revealed that he was working on a new music project with Alikiba's brother, AbduKiba.

Diamond announced this while launching the Wasafi Festival where he had invited the boss of Kings Music Records and his other big rival Harmonize of Konde Music Worldwide.

"Abdukiba (Alikiba's brother) will do a collabo with me in a song, I will be with him at the concert and if Alikiba's brother sees fit, he can join us, if he gives us even one show we will be grateful.

Harmonize too, we need to use our minds in these matters, not put our personal interests in these matters," said Diamond.

While responding to Diamond's invitation to the Wasafi festival, Alikiba noted that he would not be at the event as he would be busy with his affairs. "I am busy with my activities," he said.

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