Sam West - Reason most Kenyans are angry at the moment

• The motivational speaker also pointed out why he thinks the engine behind the political system is to blame.

Sam West
Image: Instagram

Motivational speaker Sam West has given his sentiments on the current state of democracy in the country.

According to Sam, democracy was created based on individualism and distrust.

Kenya is among the countries ruled by democracy, Some African countries still have 'dictators'.

"Kenya is becoming a deplorable state. You can see the anger, bitterness, and frustration. The young generation has had enough."

Sam further weighed in saying,

"Kenya was voted No. 119 among the saddest nations in the world, coming close to Afghanistan which was rated No. 145.

We have been switching our drivers by electing new Presidents. Is the problem the driver or the engine? We have found a cure for what has been ailing Africa.

Imagine waking up and not having to be worried about rent, health, or anything else because the government has taken care of it 100%. Most Kenyans are angry because they have to think of how to pay Rent, and where to get food or health services."

Sam argued that democracy as a form of governance was formed as a form of distrust.

"That is why the Judiciary doesn't trust the legislature. The politicians don't trust each other and the people do not trust the government.

Democracy was created to make it look like some people were born to be masters while others were made to be slaves.

Democracy is also based on individualism. The purpose of most people now is to take care of bills that is why Kenya is a sad nation."

Sam encouraged people to try the Kingdom Governance.

Do you think we should do away with democracy?

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