Otile Brown addresses Ruto's new proposals after Finance Bill rejection


• The president has been facing intense heat over the way his young government has been leading Kenyans.

Otile Brown
Image: Instagram

Musician Otile Brown has expressed his dissatisfaction with President William Ruto's proposal to form a council from various sectors to address issues raised by Gen Z, who have been at the forefront of protests against the Finance Bill.

In response to the protests against the Finance Bill led by Gen Zs, Ruto announced that he would not sign the bill into law.

The President also expressed his intention to meet with leaders from various sectors including youth, religious leaders, and others to discuss national issues.

Responding to Ruto's call for meetings of various sectors, Otile stressed that the government already knows what to do to address the issues raised by the youth.

He criticised the proposed meetings as a waste of resources and called for accountability from government officials.

"The problem is we like wasting time and a lot of resources with words, empty words cause losses, what more talks?? We all got jobs to do, everyone should do their job and be accountable. We all know what to do," Otile wrote.

The singer highlighted the need to tackle corruption, which he described as a significant waste of public funds and causing many losses.

"Let's learn how to manage our country and resources well, corruption has deteriorated the lives of citizens and even scared away investors, jobs are decreasing.

If you want to clear our country's debt, let's start with that nearly one trillion that is lost every year.

Imagine if that money was allocated, it could pay off the debt, you wouldn't even need to increase taxes," he added.

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