I only consult God!! Karen Nyamu says after Kotex backlash


•Nyamu had alleged she and the brand were working on providing marginalized girls with tampons.

Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has insisted she likes engaging people on the ground.

She was reacting to the heavy backlash she received after KOtex denounced working with her.

Nyamu had alleged she and the brand were working on providing marginalized girls with tampons.

The company responded terming the information as fake.

Nyamu now says she only consults God.

"Nothing excites me and lights my soul like engaging the ground to make a difference and to remind you that if I had listened to my critics, and trolls years ago, I wouldn’t be where I am. I only consult the word of God period," she said.

On Sunday, the senator's post claiming they were working on a partnership was flagged by the company as fake.

It said that it does not also engage in political affiliations or endorsements.

"Kotex hereby confirms that no discussions have taken place with Karen Nyamu. Any assertions regarding a prospective partnership involving Kotex are entirely false.

"We emphasize that Kotex does not engage in any political affiliations or endorsements," Kotex Kenya said.

Nyamu apologised to Kotex saying that her aim was not to set them up.

She said their statement was a result of the negative feedback the company received because of her political alignment.

"As for Kotex Kenya, I feel sorry for the backlash you had to endure yesterday due to my political stand at a time when political temperatures in the country are hot, forcing you to make the statement you made. Our aim is not to set you up so we will let it rest there," the senator said.

Nyamu, however, noted that people do not have to agree with her political stand but they can at least appreciate the good work she is doing exposing young girls to alternative feminine hygiene products.

She insisted that despite the setback, she will work with her foundation to ensure the project becomes a success.

"You’ve seen us take up causes that benefited society. You’ve seen me announce projects that have been successful. Sometimes companies forget political figures are people too and what we do to impact the community is bigger than ourselves.

"My foundation and I will diligently work to make sure this project will come to fruition."

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