Eddie Butita reacts to Criticism by KOT over his interview with Ruto

• Butita is the founder of online media SPM Buzz.

• He says he sees no problem with his platform interviewing the President.

Kenyan creative Eddie Butita has responded to the harsh criticism he has received from Kenyans over his interview with President William Ruto.

This was after a photo of him and other journalists were seen in a set up with the President.

The photos emerged just hours after President Ruto was interviewed by Linus Kaikai, Eric Latiiff and Joe Ageyo in what has now become a viral interview.

Through his Twitter account Butita shared

"Now that many people are sending me this, let me address it. This is an interview just like the rest. These are different journalists from various digital media outlets. Is there a problem? Hakuna! You can't bring down youths in the name of fighting for youths double speak at its peak. SPM BUZZ was present, as well as Tuko, Kenyans, Uliza Link, among others. I see no issue with digital media entities conducting interviews just like mainstream outlets."

The interview comes weeks after Butita accompanied President William Ruto and his team on a trip to the US.

Check out some of the reactions to the photos.

@Mutuabrian_M: The more you explain, the more you spoil everything rafiki.

@MwendiaJnr: Just do your work, no matter how hard you try to explain yourself you can’t change a hater into a friend.

@Joshtety: Give us their channels we follow them. Please. Na tiktoks zao pia. And their social media accounts. We need to support them by following you the way we have been following you.

@cleophasmatoke2: Mimi sina shida nikiona other young lads fighting for their space Those young men and women sacrificed their time and more to create content for their followers, waachwe wajitume! We can't keep fighting imaginary enemies unless we wanna form gangs in our country!

@bungomaduke: Nothing wrong Butita. Just ignore us.. Kenyans will always find something to talk about.

@ERUKONJnr: Stop it. The explanation itself has made us more suspicious. Gen Z has no leaders. That remains.

@AmakanjiThomas: Bro, be yourself! There are people in this #RutoMustGo protests who are profiting BIG and they want to bring down others. Stay focused hizo ni kelele za chura. You are a #StepInTheRightDirection stay on that lane.

@lawrencekitema: No matter how you explain yourself to others, they will still complain. Do your work Butita. You owe no one more explanation.

@mutiemule: If I were you, I would just not explain. Trust you me, once people have formed their perceptions about something even though they might be wrong, it is hard to change them.

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