Khalif Kairo stirs controversy with strong stand on Gen Z revolution

• They want you to remain leaderless so that you don’t achieve anything – Khalif Kairo

Boniface Mwangi and Kairo clear the air

Businessman Khalif Kairo has stirred an endless discussion online after voicing his opinion on the ongoing revolution in the country led by Gen Z.

Kairo faulted those opposing the formation of an organization to represent young people.

According to him, many want the revolution started by young people to remain leaderless so that they can achieve nothing.

“I won’t talk much. Lakini remembers, wanataka mukae leaderless ndo pia msiachieve chochote. There is no single organization in the history of mankind that has achieved anything by being “leaderless”. Even Monkeys have committees. Please think. Emotions kando,” Khalif Kairo said in part.

He added; “The reason why political parties Kenya huwa shit is because most revolve around “people”. Now the Gen Z movement is unique because it revolves around “ideas”. A governance structure can be created even through spaces. Kila thursday tunajoin, discuss and agree.

“I have zero interest in leadership of this movement. However, i am 100% in support of it because if we had running systems in Kenya. You people have no idea of the amount of trillions we can harness in terms of investment to Kenya. Focus yangu iko hapo. Building working systems,”.

However, Kairo’s stand has triggered sharp criticism from a section of X users. Many are accusing him of making a U-turn on the movement being championed by the youth. Others lauded him saying he has a point and structures are needed to sustain the revolutions started by Young people.

Media Personality Maina Kageni supported the idea of the movement by the youth remaining leaderless.

“This entire thing started online…. Any dialogue or conversation or discussion or deliberation or whatever…. MUST be done online, where young Kenyans, the true owners of this narrative, the owners of this country can individually have their opinion heard….. anything else, apana….,” Maina said.

Posts from Khalif Kairo
Posts from Khalif Kairo

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