Vera finally reveals her honest opinions about Ruto

• The socialite also spoke on how she and her family had differed with their father over who to vote for at the 2022 elections. 

Vera Sidika
Image: Instagram

Socialite Vera Sidika has clarified her stance on the ongoing Gen Z protests against the 2024 Finance Bill.

Through her Instagram Stories, Vera Sidika made it clear that she has opposed President Ruto and his policies since the day she was born, calling those accusing her of not protesting hypocrites.

Sidika made these comments to dispel confusion after being confronted by some social media users who wanted to know her position on the Finance Bill.

Sidika stated that her stance is the same as many other prominent figures online, that she opposes the bill, and stressed that while others may have started opposing Ruto recently, she has been against him since 1989 when she was born.

“I am surprised people are saying they haven't seen me opposing the Finance Bill, when I am here every day posting against it. I have been opposing it since 1989 when I was born. I have been anti-Ruto from day one,” Sidika said.

The mother of two said she had predicted this outcome long before Ruto became president.

Sidika mentioned that at one point, she argued with her father during the 2022 general election about Ruto becoming president, saying the whole family supported Raila except for her father, who was a staunch Ruto supporter.

“I predicted this would happen. I argued with my father during the election. The whole family was behind Baba [Raila Odinga], but my father supported Ruto, and the entire family felt like swallowing him whole,” she said.

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