Edday Nderitu praises Samidoh after getting his 1st degree

• The couple who had been estranged for some time seem to be on the mend in recent months.

Samidoh and Edday Nderitu
Image: Instagram

Edday Nderitu, wife of Mugithi artist and police officer Samidoh Muchoki, has written a congratulatory message to her husband after he graduated with his first degree.

Samidoh was among the graduates from JKUAT University on Friday. In her congratulatory message, Edday Nderitu recalled how her husband came home and told her about his decision to return to school to pursue his very first degree.

Edday revealed that Samidoh went back to school after the birth of their second child, and it has taken him nearly seven years to achieve his dream.

"Your perseverance and dedication have borne fruit. I remember when you decided to continue with your degree, we had just welcomed our child (Mike). Thank you for your commitment and true spirit, I am forever inspired," the mother of three said.

She went on to commend him for his hard work in balancing multiple responsibilities, including providing for the family, studying, serving the nation as a police officer, and entertaining his fans as an artist.

"You were always on your feet, taking on household chores; preparing Shirleen for school and dropping her off while you were heading to school. You didn’t give up despite many challenges. Congratulations," she said.

This message comes just a few days after the two were seen enjoying themselves in the United States when the artist visited his family.

It is worth remembering that Edday left the country and went to the United States after a dispute with Samidoh about being in a relationship with Senator Karen Nyamu.

Despite Edday initially appearing hurt by Samidoh's affair with Karen, it seems she has reconciled and decided to maintain her love for her husband of more than 15 years.

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