Lynne reveals why she didn't break news of Fred's passing to Eric Omondi

• Lynne learnt of Fred Omondi's sudden demise from a mutual friend before her baby daddy, Eric did

Eric Omondi with his baby mama Lynn

Digital content creator Lynne Njiha has revealed she found out about the late Fred Omondi's passing before her baby daddy, social and human rights activist Eric Omondi did.

At that moment, Lynne who shares a toddler with Eric made a calculated move and chose not to out rightly disclose the sudden passing of Fred to her partner but instead let him find out on his own considering Fred was his younger brother.

"Terrence Creative called Eric at around 6am, but Eric was not picking because his phone was silent. He called mine, and I picked, it was such a coincidence because that is the time Kyla (their daughter) was waking up and he told me that things were not okay, but I didn't tell Eric.

I tried so hard not to tell him about what had happened. Terence then told Eric Freddie had an accident and was not okay," the digital content creator said during an interview with Mpasho's team.

Lynne recalled how Eric quickly rushed to the hospital after she relayed the news that his brother had been involved in a road accident and how she fought with herself not to break the news to him enroute there. She knew he would find out eventually and she wanted him to do so on his terms rather than over a phone call.

"When Eric left for Mama Lucy Hospital, he didn't know Fred had passed away. I knew and kept quiet. We thought it was okay for him to know by himself after arriving rather than telling him on phone," Lynne candidly added. 

She eulogized the late comedian and MC as a very fun, caring and loving individual. 

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