Zari to hubby Shakib, 'Women like you cause you're with me'

• The couple are involved in a long distance relationship.

Zari Hassan and Shakib Cham
Image: Instagram

Zari Hassan has told her husband Shakib Cham that women like him because he is with her. She said this on their joint YouTube channel. 

Zari said, "Do you know women love you because of me, do you know that?" she asked.

"They're like, why does Zari love this guy."

Shakib disagreed saying they liked him because of his style.

The couple is doing a long-distance relationship. Zari who is a Ugandan-born is a resident of South Africa while her husband is a Ugandan  businessman.

Just recently, Shakib told Zari that men were only on her DM to sleep with her and not wife her.

"Men vibe me because I am a beautiful woman, intelligent, I'm a good woman, I'm very hard working, there's a lot of things that men see about me and are like 'she's a good woman. But I've got everything I need, my life is complete. They will vibe me but I'm married."

While disagreeing with her husband's statement, Zari said she saw women on Shakib's DM vibing him but was not sure if he was entertaining them, "They do come to my inbox. When I receive a message from a female saying Hi, that's not vibing. Back then I used to reply but now, I no longer do that."

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