Khaligraph questions MC Jesse over his silence on Finance Bill


• The rapper who has been actively mobilizing the youths to picket in a bid to influence the government to  cancel the finance bill has put MC Jessy on check as he questioned his stand in the demos.

MC Jessy
Image: Instagram

Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones, who has been actively mobilizing the youth to protest against the Finance Bill, called out MC Jessy for his ambiguous stance on the matter.

"Jesse, what's your stand on this Finance Bill? I’ve scrolled through your account and haven't seen any indication that you reject it," Khaligraph questioned.

The comedian responded, acknowledging his support for the current government while expressing his disagreement with certain policies.

"My brother, it's true, I campaigned for this government openly. I was at the forefront in celebration when William Ruto won. There are video evidences of that," he explained.

He continued, "At that time, I was very hopeful for his administration. I believed my agenda for the creative economy would be achieved. Our CS for Creative has not done what is needed for creatives, and he knows that very well. I am also tired of pushing them, tired of just talks and promises."

MC Jessy clarified his position, stating, "Therefore, even though I supported the administration in 2022, it does not mean I will support their decisions when they are oppressing all of us. No, I cannot do that. I am in support of the change we need as a people."

He also responded to fans who speculated that he would vote in favor of the Finance Bill, saying, "If you had voted me into Parliament, you could ask me how I would vote. For now, let's talk about #RejectFinanceBill2024."

Mc Jessy courtesy instagram
Mc Jessy courtesy instagram

Read some reactions from his Kenyans who saw the exchange below:

  • kevin_mfalme: "Wewe Iscariot nakuonea 18 chunga!!!"
  • ibrah__nation: "ZAKAYO SHUKA 🇰🇪"
  • _beev_rebs: "Ebu nikuunfollow, ukimaliza kucheza Kati tutarudi..."
  • isindu_brian: "Umesahau ukisema 'the fifth' na mlikua mnajua😂😂😂😂😂 in 2022. Sasa sai nani ndo wanajua?"
  • muthoni_supeet: "Nikama unataka salamu wewe..utasalimiwaaa"
  • estilliciouz: "Huyu anacheza kila side uzuri watu sio wajinga"

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