X users confront Murkomen over whereabouts of influencer Crazy Nairobian


• Murkomen who had joined an X space dubbed “Good Morning Kenya: Where is Crazy Nairobian?” 

Kipchumba Murkomen
Image: The Star

Social media platform, X, users on Saturday confronted Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen over the whereabouts of an influencer known as Billy alias Crazy Nairobian.

Murkomen who had joined an X space dubbed “Good Morning Kenya: Where is Crazy Nairobian?” was confronted by the lot after he was invited to speak on issues affecting Kenyans, when one of the hosts, Osama Otero asked, “Where is Billy? That’s what we want to hear”.

The CS responded by saying that he was not aware of Billy’s case.

A co-host on the space then told Murkomen that since he had said he was on there to listen to the people, he should tell his 'people' to release Billy.

“You’ve said you are not aware of it, so tell your people to let go of Billy unconditionally. Billy has done no crime and if they are charging him let them forward the chargesheet, we just need Billy released,” he said.

In response, Murkomen said that he was ready to help them if at all they needed his help in finding Billy.

“No problem. If you need my help, I’m ready.”

Murkomen added, “I have heard you and I will pass the message to the relevant authorities.”

Crazy Nairobian was allegedly arrested on Friday and his whereabouts remain unknown.

Digital strategist Dennis Itumbi also took to X to say that he had checked with the police and it was true that he was in their custody. He, however, did not reveal which station.

He added that while he does not agree with what he was being accused of, it is a crime.

Itumbi said he would try to reach out to the complainant to see if he or she could drop the case.

I have checked with Police why Crazy Nairobian, Billy, is under arrest. I am unable to intervene, though I strongly disagree. I will reach out to the complainant to see if he/she can withdraw,” Itumbi said on X

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