CS Ababu speaks out after being booed at Fred Omondi’s Last Laugh event

• On Friday night, Namwamba encountered a hostile crowd that wanted nothing to do with his speech.

CS Ababu Namwamba at Fred Omondi's event

Youth Affairs, Sports, and the Arts CS Ababu Namwamba has broken his silence after being booed at the late Fred Omondi’s event the Last Laugh at Carnivore Grounds.

On Friday night, Namwamba encountered a hostile crowd that wanted nothing to do with his speech.

Taking to social media, Ababu paid tribute to the late Fred by saying

“Paid my last respects to the memory of the late creative Fredrick Omondi at the Carnivore Simba Salon, where the Churchill Show's Last Laugh edition was dedicated to fundraise and celebrate him. Incredible talent Freddie, snatched from our midst way too young. Fred's comedy, as with our other creatives, mirrors Kenya's robust democratic culture encapsuled in Article 37 of the Constitution, among others, which we must cherish and guard jealously as the cornerstone of our national stability,”.

Namwamba also reflected on his encounter with Kenyans who have been opposing the Finance Bill at Carnivore.

“And so I was quite pleased to come face to face with some of our fellow citizens opposed to the #FinanceBill2024. When emotions settle, blinkers fall off and fact is shifted from fiction, reality will dawn: the reality that we have a country to build, a task in which each of us has a role. Including the responsibility to pay taxes for national self-sustenance.

“I am delighted that the Creative Economy is a central pillar in the Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda. And the Finance Bill will facilitate robust initiatives like the transformative #WhozNext project for Kenyan creatives, which we are rolling out next month under the Talanta Hela flagship. Kenya tunajenga pamoja. By #DeliveringThePlan,” he said.

In videos seen by this writer, Churchill intervened and tried to calm the crowd but they started chanting anti-Ruto chants.

Ababu in response to the booing and anti-Ruto chants said he respects the energy from the crowd.

As the booing continued, Ababu said, “Na leo make sure you get enough content. The booing is great content… I have enjoyed this.”

The show, dedicated to raising funds and celebrating the life of Fred Omondi was held at the Carnivore Simba saloon.

He then gave his contribution of Sh300,000 to the family as support towards Fred’s burial arrangements.

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