Andrew Kibe forced to apologize to Gen Zs, begs to join Tuesday protests

• Kibe said; I want to thank the Gen Zs, I was lost but I’m now found, Gen Z’s have opened my eyes.

Social Media commentator Andrew Kibe h

Social Media commentator Andrew Kibe has been forced to apologize for not taking the Anti-Finance Bill demos seriously.

In a video, Kibe promised to join the demos from Tuesday next week as he apologized for underestimating the power of Gen Z’s led protests.

Kibe said; I want to thank the Gen Zs, I was lost but I’m now found, Gen Z’s have opened my eyes.

He went on to state that he was afraid of taking part in the demos out of fear of them turning violent but he now regrets it.

“At the beginning of this thing, I was very skeptical because I was afraid of being taken out because guys have tried it before and they were all being taken out.

I did see this movement taking off that fast and that is my biggest mistake but I want to assure you that I’m 100% behind you if even you guys don’t want me. We are better together,” Andrew Kibe said.

He also reflected on his arrest in 2020 when he expressed his displeasure with how police were operating.

“When I was arrested I was alone…and I was broken and I remember Robert Alai called me to a restaurant and asked me to keep quiet.

That’s why o commend you Gen Z’s you have taken the bull by the hones and you are standing your ground. I’m not part of the system, I’m with Gen Zs and whatever you guys want us to go I’m with you 100%.

On Tuesday I will be in town front-line line, kama mbaya, mbaya,” Kibe said.

Meanwhile, the organizers of the protests have released a seven-day schedule of activities as the protests persist.

The events, beginning Friday, will culminate in another round of 'Occupy Parliament' demos on Tuesday next week.

It's the same day MPs are expected to take a vote on the contentious Finance Bill, 2024.

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