Maji Maji bumps into his son at the Finance Bill protests

• The protest witnessed many celebrities come out to demonstrate against the proposed taxes in the bill.

maji maji runs into his son at rejectfinancebill protests
maji maji runs into his son at rejectfinancebill protests

Renowned artist Maji Maji had a touching moment on Thursday during the #RejectFinanceBill protests in Nairobi.

The media personality joined other prominent Kenyans in solidarity with ordinary citizens to oppose the proposed bill.

Maji Maji real names Julius Owino, had an unexpected encounter with his son during the peaceful march in Nairobi's CBD.

The Atoti singer shared heartwarming photos embracing his son, capturing the moment with, "What a day! Bumped into my son and my art son in the streets."

Despite facing tear gas during the protests, Maji Maji reflected on the significance of the day, lamenting,

"Choked up in the smoke, a day to remember when your voice as an electorate does not matter, but the interests of a few in a closed room. Sadly, the bill passed 204-115."

Expressing pride in his biological son, he added, "This underscores the need for political reform so that your voice will count in the near future, just two years away.

Meeting my son in the protests was the best news any parent could receive! It felt incredible... we are united in purpose! And I also met my artistic son, King Kaka, who wasn't left behind."

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